Kale Powder

Queen of the Super Greens!
Unlock a nutritional powerhouse with Nature’s Way Kale powder! Made from pure kale it provides the flavour and nutritional benefits of fresh kale in an easy to use powder. Free from colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, Nature’s Way Kale Powder is also gluten free making it suitable for those with allergies or the health conscious!

Cleanse and Detox
Kale is loaded with the phytonutrient chlorophyll which helps cleanse and alkalise the body. Chlorophyll protects healthy liver cells and supports the livers detoxification process. Its purifying qualities support the elimination of harmful toxins from the body to attain optimal body health.

Packed with Vitamins
This leafy super green is naturally rich in vitamins that support eye, skin, bone and immune health.

Nutritional Goldmine
Kale has been on the table since Roman times and is the superfood with staying power. It’s known to naturally contain minerals iron, calcium and magnesium plus nutrients lutein and beta carotene to help support everyday health and wellbeing.

SIZE: 120g


Simply add 1 teaspoon (5g) into juices, smoothies, salad dressings, baking or cooking for a nutritional burst of green goodness!


100% Kale Powder

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