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Do kids need probiotics?

Most adults have heard about probiotics and how they’re “good for the gut”. But do kids need them too? And what exactly makes these special types of bacteria good in the first place?

Let’s start with the basics. There’s a whole world of ‘friendly’ microbes living in and on our bodies all the time. Many of these are bacterial in nature and develop before birth, continuing to grow and support us throughout our lives. The millions of bacteria in our intestines are especially important, helping with digestion, making vitamins, supporting the immune system and general well-being. You can see why this would be beneficial for little tummies, particularly those that could do with a little extra support.

Unfortunately, good gut bacteria can take a beating. Antibiotics, germs, viruses, a diet consisting of too much sugar or processed food, even stress can deplete their populations. That’s when a top-up in the form of probiotics and prebiotics can help, with each having their own role to play in supporting a child’s health. Probiotics are live forms of bacteria that add to the colonies already in a child’s tummy, while prebiotics are the ‘fuel’ that helps keep these bacteria healthy. Fermented foods like natural yoghurt, kefir (a cultured milk drink), pickles and sauerkraut are all good sources of ready-made probiotics while prebiotics are available in asparagus, bananas and apples.

Now, we admit that a shopping list involving sauerkraut and asparagus isn’t exactly going to excite the average child. But don’t panic, we have a plan.

Nature’s Way Kids Smart Probiotic + Prebiotic VitaGummies are a super easy and tasty way for kids to get the probiotic and prebiotic support they need. Each gummie contains the probiotic Bacillus coagulans, known to help support gastrointestinal function in kids and the balance of good bacteria in the gut. In terms of prebiotics, Nature’s Way VitaGummies also contain inulin, a natural prebiotic which helps to fuel those healthy microbes, supporting little digestive systems to stay regular.

If you think your child could benefit from probiotics or prebiotics you can’t go past Nature’s Way Kids Smart Probiotic + Prebiotic VitaGummies. Not only are they an ideal way for children to get those all-important good gut bacteria but getting them to eat them will probably be a lot easier than a spoonful of sauerkraut! You’ll find Nature’s Way Kids Smart VitaGummies at leading pharmacies, health stores and supermarkets. To learn more, click here.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.

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