Why Kids Get Summer Sniffles

Woohoo! Summer is here which means after months of lockdowns and wet weather, kids can finally go out and play again (mostly). Just remember one thing: those winter blues you think your kids are leaving behind, specifically ills and chills, can be just as problematic in summer too. In fact, winter nasties are actually a year-round thing and the main reason we see less of them in the summer is because kids aren’t cooped up indoors to the same degree they are in winter. And this year we have the added pressure of kid’s immune systems possibly not being as ‘battle ready’ as usual due to less exposure during lockdown.

So if you think your child needs a little extra help in the immune support department, what’s the plan?

Well, there are things you can do right now such as making sure they’re getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet and lots of exercise. But if want to make doubly sure they’re getting the support they need, you can’t go past supplements specifically designed for the immune system. Just make sure you go for formulas that not only provide a good dose of vitamins and minerals but also give you no trouble when it comes to getting your child to eat them. No point expecting your child to eat a super-potent immune supporter when it tastes like the back of an old tyre.

Nature’s Way Kids Smart VitaGummies Vitamin C & Zinc is the smart way to support young immune systems year-round. Not only do these gummies taste yummy (yes, really) but they offer powerful support. The vitamin C they contain acts both as a powerful antioxidant and critical micronutrient, supporting multiple cellular functions inside the body including the immune system. Zinc meanwhile, helps defend the immune system from invading nasties plus supports healthy development including the brain.

Specialised immune supporters like Nature’s Way Kids Smart VitaGummies are great to have on hand as we transition back into ‘normal life’ and beyond. Winter or summer they’re an ideal and easy top-up to help kids stay healthy, happy, and full of energy.

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