kids hate veggies

Why kids hate vegies

“No dessert til’ you’ve eaten your vegetables!”. If you heard that at the dining table all those years ago you’ll also remember the feeling of accompanying dread. But what makes so many (if not all) children so averse to eating their vegies? Well, research shows their fears are well founded.

There are several biological reasons why kids gravitate more towards a banana split than a brussel sprout and it’s all to do with the “fear factor”. One feature of vegetables, especially greens, is their bitter taste. Due to children having a more sensitive palate they taste this bitterness more acutely than adults. They also have greater reason to avoid it. In nature, bitterness can be a sign of toxicity so it makes sense for children to be more in tune with their natural instincts in this case, as their small bodies and less-developed capacity for detoxification cause them to be more susceptible to toxic overload.

Kids are also naturally drawn to sources of glucose, the main source of fuel for their busy bodies. Biscuits and lollies deliver a much faster energy hit than most vegies hence why their taste buds are more likely to be satisfied by a biscuit than a beetroot. There’s also the fact that treats equal happiness. Cake and cookies go hand-in-hand with birthdays, rewards and generally having fun so these foods have positive association in a child’s mind. Vegies are usually something they eat only because they’ve been told to.

The good news is that as a child’s brain develops, they learn there are real nutritional benefits to eating vegetables which causes that aversion to bitterness to subside. It just takes time. Until then, hiding broccoli in bowls of mac n cheese is still an ok option as is more healthy alternatives like carrot dipped in hummus or guacamole. At the same time, have a think about supplements specifically designed to provide an extra vegie top up.

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Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.

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