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Is your child’s immune system ready?

Naturally, every parent wants to keep their child out of harm’s way and this year our concerns have been squarely centred on immunity. Up and down the country there’s been a lot of talk about how best to protect a child’s immune system with much of it focusing on nutrition. And that’s actually the right area to focus on. It’s a lot easier to support the immune defences when you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, ensuring your child is eating the right type and quantity of fruit and veggies is easier said than done. A lack of nutrients in many processed foods plus the fact most kids can be fussy when it comes to eating fruit and veggies often leaves parents at their wits’ end. This is when an immune support formula can take the pressure off. Like an immune system insurance policy, these support formulas help bridge the gap between dietary intake and the vast nutrient needs of a growing child. The other good thing about kids’ immune support formulas is that there’s been an increased focus on making them more palatable, or in other words, making sure they taste good enough for even the fussiest of eaters.

If your child doesn’t like taking vitamins in their traditional format or find it hard to swallow tablets and capsules, then Nature’s Way KidsSmart Vita Gummies can help. They’re delicious, convenient and easy to take. Here’s a couple of suggestions….

KidsSmart Immunity Vita Gummies are soft natural berry-tasting gummies containing black elderberry, vitamin C and honey that kids love. Elderberry extract supports the body in fighting against a wide variety of ills and chills by helping prevent winter nasties from sticking to cells and replicating. Coupled with Vitamin C and Zinc, Immunity Vita Gummies provide powerful immune support.

Another option is KidsSmart Vitamin C + Zinc Vita Gummies. Specifically formulated with immune ‘superstars’ vitamin c and zinc, this great tasting formula can play a vital role in supporting immune function. Zinc is particularly helpful in terms of immunity due to its anti-oxidant abilities.

The key with keeping any winter nasty at bay is for immune systems to constantly be battle ready to begin with. That’s the real power of Nature’s Way KidsSmart Vita Gummies because not only do they provide a whole range of immune system must-haves, but you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your kids to eat them!

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