The rise of the vitamin gummie.

Once aimed at tablet terrified kids, vitamin gummies are becoming popular with adults. But is it a good thing?  

For years, kids have been not-so-quietly rebelling against chunky, chalky vitamin tablets in favour of a more tasty option – vitamin gummies. It’s one of the reasons gummies have become such a popular way for parents looking to give kids extra nutritional support without the stress.

But it’s not just kids giving gummies a go. In fact, the adult gummie market is now on the rise and there’s no signs of it slowing down. Are adults trying to reclaim a little of their childhood? Not quite. The real reason gummies are becoming so popular with adults is they help circumvent the issue of pill fatigue, especially important for those taking supplements regularly or who might also be taking medicines. The switch to a gummie would seem a no-brainer – continue with an unpalatable ‘supplement slog’ or take something that actually tastes good.

While taste is undoubtedly the main appeal of gummies, helped in no small part by the wide range of flavours they come in, another important feature of gummies is their versatility. It’s still a relatively complicated process to formulate gummies, especially balancing the health factor with palatability, but there seems to be no end to what vitamin or mineral a gummy can actually be formulated with. There’s your standard vitamin and mineral options like vitamin C and magnesium but then there’s the more innovative formulas like apple cider vinegar which leading gummie brands like Nature’s Way are doing.

So are there any watch-outs? Not really. In terms of the sugar factor, while most gummies contain a sweetener of some description, it is usually minimal and a trade-off for great taste. Just keep in mind that gummies aren’t lollies. In fact, some have surprisingly high nutrient loads so while it might be tempting to have an extra gummie or two, stick to the dosage directions. This is especially important with adult gummies so keep them out of reach of kids.

If you’re tired of taking those tablets, give vitamin gummies a go. They definitely help make every day supplementation super easy and as their popularity grows we’re likely to see more wild and wonderful options coming through. For latest adult vitamin gummie offerings from Nature’s Way, click here.

For latest adult vitamin gummie offerings from Nature’s Way, click here.

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