Can Theanine Calm Kids?

As parents, we love seeing our kids getting stuck into life, tearing up the backyard, sports field or an equation or two in the classroom. But when it’s been a big day and bedtime is near, deep down what do we really want them to do? 

Calm down and go to sleep!

We all know that’s easier said than done. Getting even the most well behaved child to settle down can be hard work if they decide they’re ‘up’ and if they do go to sleep it might result in a restless night regardless. Fortunately, help is at hand and it’s in the form of a not so well known nutrient gaining increasing support for its ability to calm kids.

It’s called theanine, an amino acid first identified in tea leaves by Japanese scientists in the late 1940s. What makes theanine so good at supporting a calm mood and sleep in kids is its ability to block or lower levels of ‘excitatory’ chemicals in the brain linked to stress or anxiousness. At the same time, it’s said to increase specific brain waves that occur when kids are in a relaxed, yet alert state of mind. And it does both of these things without using a sedative. This means theanine can help children with their focus and clarity during the day while helping them relax in the evening, all without feeling drowsy. 

Of course, theanine’s not the only ace up your sleeve if you’re having a nightly ‘bed battle’. There’s always magnesium, a nutrient involved in several hundred vital functions in the body including sleep, mood, concentration, energy production, muscle, bone, nerve and heart health. Many people get their daily magnesium requirements from foods such as legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and leafy greens so supplements aren’t totally necessary. That said, we’re not talking most people. We’re talking the average child who would much prefer a magnesium-free bag of lollies than a salad. So if you’re dealing with a fussy eater who’s not the best at chowing down leafy greens or drinking Japanese green tea (and probably shouldn’t) and who needs a little help to relax, think about supplementation. Our advice is Nature’s Way Kids Smart Calm. It contains not only theanine but that all important magnesium, is vegetarian, 99% sugar free and contains natural colours and flavours

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